History of husky breeding in kennel Ze Síbrtù CS starting in the year 1980 by buying male Bingo Arcis. In 1983 I imported female Taimyr´s Kennel Zima from Germany (this female came from Taimyr's Kennel owned by Mr. Dodo Ertel from Germany, not from Switzerland, how mentions official website of Nothern Dogs CZ Club). She was bred to male Klondike´s P´Eliot from swiss kennel Klondike´s. Both did carry in them best trial legends "of Anadyr" in that time: Cosmo of Anadyr, Nicolai of Anadyr, Silko of Anadyr etc. From this mating were born Atamaka Ze Síbrtù (my multiyear excellent leading bitch), Amurka, Anchorage, Akron and Athabasca. Athabasca founded outstanding racing line in Holland. Next I made import of first white blue-eyed dog Popow from austrian kennel "von der Foxhillranch" to Czechoslavakia.
Popow bore other excellent sprinter genes from ancestors like Quinriver´s Dusty, Ketchikan Yellow, Tanana´s Pinto Girl or Alaskan´s Nice Kee of Anadyr. Atakama Ze Síbrtù was mated to, at that time, best leading dog of Austria Tanana´s McKinley from breeding of one of ESDRA presidents from Switzerland.
logo of kennel Ze Síbrtù -  trademark worldwide protected by Czech Office of Industrial Property.

In this litter was born my other outstanding leading dog Duktoyaktuk Ze Síbrtù. Further I imported females Choka Kennel of Kenai from USA, Rainy Pass Adak and Asta of Norwaya from Austria.

Dog-team Ze Síbrtù won most of Czech Championship Serial local races in category "B", first German Championship in Oberhof in 1988, in 1989 was 2nd on Italian Championship in Tarvisius etc.

Movement to category "A" brought me 5th place on European Championship in Seckau. After year I already started in "Open Class" as first easteuropean musher in, at that time, biggest european lap race PIRENA - www.pirena.com (second best time).

In the year 1990 I took part in expedition - to places, where husky come from - to Czukotka also participated in film-making for Czech television "Mushers". Import of female Zvjozdocka of Anadyr was beginning of cooperation with polar explorer Solovjov (www.polarex.ru). Then followed export of dog Janarjag Ze Síbrtù to USA and dogs Nikolai and Evenk Ze Síbrtù to Siberia!!! Thus was closed complicated journey of siberian husky breed round the world. Import of redwhite female Murka iz Solovljov from Siberia should be finale of my breeding activity. Unfortunately Murka was took away somewhere abroad by Mr. Fiala and his wife. Then I worked on in Kopoanik in Yugoslavia and cooperated there with Mr. Alexader Nikolic. (www.nikolicaleksandar.com/polarexbgsrpski.htm).

Cooperation with american breeder Jeff Bragg (www.seppalasleddogs.com) and invitation to UNESCO expedition "vìlikoj severnoj trapoj" (www.polarex.ru) in 2000 was high spot of our breeding effort.

Today still live with us 10 top huskies which don't race already, but still represented Ze Síbrtù kennel though quite other way.

In the age of 14 years died our male Zima ze Síbrtù, which lived with us long and satisfied life. Although he led top bloodline, he left us without offspring.